Here’s What You’ll Find on This Blog

The ideas on this website are not dramatic, gorgeous, over-the-top, or complicated. Nor, are they expensive.

The decorating ideas you will find here are simple, easy, and look nice (very nice). They are every day ideas for the average person with a normal bedroom that will be used and enjoyed. Most options are inexpensive, depending on how much work your bedroom needs, and how far you want to carry out your ideas.

I love bedrooms with a theme, and that is mostly what you’ll find here.  I love bedrooms that are decorated to show off something you love, your favorite hobby, or just makes you feel calm.

I always start with the bedding. I love looking through Amazon at all of their many comforters, quilts, and bedding sets. I just let my imagination take me away.

You will find that most of my post will suggest bedding and other items that I’ve found on Amazon for decorating with that theme.

When decorating any room, my best advice is to have fun with it!

Take care,