Wolf Bedroom with Birch Trees, Life-Size Wolf, and Full Moon


Wolf Bedroom

Lacey’s Wolf Themed Bedroom

This is about How to Decorate a Wolf Themed Bedroom by using birch tree wall decals, a life-size wolf mural, and a glow-in-the-dark full moon. You’ll see how great it looks when you’re done!

My daughter, Vicky, decorated this wolf bedroom for my granddaughter, Lacey. She started by painting Lacey’s room in a soft gray. She used ivory enamel paint on the baseboard, window frames, and door. To make the room look like a true wolf habitat, she added birch tree wall decals and a life size wolf mural. And, of course, a full moon. She added lots of wolf themed accessories, including figurines, stuffed animals, calendar, book-ends, and lamp.

Birch Tree Wall Decals

Birch Tree Wall Decals

Next, she added the Birch Tree Wall Decals on two walls. This is an older, country farm house, and it has high ceilings. She had to cut some of the birch trees, and piece them together to make them reach the ceiling, but you can’t tell it at all when you see the room. She said the wall decals were very easy to apply.

FYI: She actually decorated this room a few years ago, and is now in the process of changing the theme. Vicky said she was able to remove the birch tree decals easily, and they did not harm the walls. That’s just something you might like to know before purchasing them. I know I would be a little hesitant to apply something to my walls if I wasn’t sure it would come off later.

Life Size Wolf Wall Mural

Wolf Wall Mural

Next, was the Life Size Wolf Wall Mural. Again, this was easy to apply. Just peel and stick! Lacey loves the wolf in her room! She was only 8 years old at the time, and you would think she would be scared of it, but she loved wolves, and this is what she wanted.

The Full Moon

Full Moon for Wolf Bedroom

Don’t forget the Full Moon! You know this bedroom won’t be complete without one.  As it happened, Lacey’s room has a chimney hole with a tin cover in the perfect place for a full moon. Vicky cut a piece of foam core board in a size to fit over the hole, and painted it in a pale yellow glow-in-the-dark paint. She then attached it to the tin cover. It made the perfect full moon!

If you don’t happen to have a chimney hole (most people don’t these days, unless you live in an older home), you can make the moon the same as Vicky did, and attach in directly to your wall. Or purchase the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room from Amazon.com. It also glows in the dark and is an educational item for your child.

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